By Prevail Admin

Prevail Dallas Launches New Website


Just like you are always looking to improve your health, we are always looking to improve every aspect of our business. As Prevail has been growing, the need for a more professional brand identity has become evident. Although our old website worked, it didn’t have the look or features that we wanted. It was basic. If you want results then you have to make a change.

We teamed up with a local Dallas web designer to help us accomplish our goal of creating a fresh face for Prevail. We have been working together for the past several weeks to bring all of our ideas together, and James has spent quite a few hours implementing all of the new features onto the site. We are excited to have the new website and believe that the improved image will not only help our business but make it easier for clients to navigate our site and get information. We will be making changes over the next couple of weeks, adding a member’s only section, a downloads section and more. Check back soon for more updates!