Our Services

Prevail Fitness offers private personal training, group workouts, online virtual training, corporate wellness, and sport specific training programs.

Prevail Fitness is a unique personal training business in the Dallas area. We look at your health and fitness from the inside out; assessing your body both internally and externally. This allows us to highly customize our programs to meet client’s individual needs.

Our training programs are comprehensive, focusing on a multitude of exercise styles in order to maximize your results.

We also provide our clients with the best trainers possible. Not only do our trainers have Master’s degrees in fitness related fields, but they have also been training clients professionally for years. Bodybuilding, Sport-specific, CrossFit and more.

The team at Prevail Fitness is motivated to keep you focused on meeting your fitness goals. You are our main priority!


Personal Training Highland Park


Our one-on-one personal training program is our best selling product. We take a personal, hands-on approach to ensure that all of our clients are successful. This means that we get to know our clients, their fitness history, medical history, goals, strengths and weaknesses!

All of our one-on-one clients are trained at Trophy Fitness in Uptown and are able make use of their state-of-the-art equipment. This allows us to maximize efficiency while ensuring a safe workout environment.

As a Prevail member you will receive guided meal plans that are structured specifically to your individual needs so there is no guess work. You will also have our expert opinion on supplementation in order to support muscle growth and fat loss. Our clients are our most important asset–you are our most important asset!


partner workouts dallas


Partner training sessions are a fun way to change the pace of your workout and add in the element of friendly competition! Our partner sessions are designed specifically to be competitive, while also focusing on meeting your fitness goals. Push your workout partner to the max!


group workouts dallas


Group sessions, like partner sessions, are fun and require teamwork. Bring your group of friends to a Prevail workout and prepare to be pushed to the next level! Group sessions are ideal for weekend workouts. Not ready for one-on-one training? Bring your friends for a workout to get back in shape.

Group session prices are discounted from one-on-one sessions.


virtual personal training

Virtual training with Prevail Fitness is a hybrid of our one-on-one program. We dedicate our time as experts to our virtual clients just like we would in person–making use of technology to bridge the physical gap. Virtual clients will have training programs written for them and personal video tutorials to ensure proper movements. Virtual clients can also receive meal plans and supplement advice.


corporate wellness programs dallas

Prevail Fitness offers custom designed Corporate Wellness Programs for businesses of all sizes. Only 24% of employees take advantage of generic wellness programs so we evaluate the needs and offer numerous options to keep employees engaged and succeeding.

The benefits of these programs are:

  • Higher Productivity
  • Less Sick Days
  • Fewer Insurance Claims and Lower Premiums
  • Promotes Team Environment
  • Reduces Stress and Adds Energy
  • Reduce Chances of Workplace Injury
  • Increase Job Loyalty–Even in Competition Markets
  • Overall Employee Morale Improvement

We do this by offering a solution for everyone. Catering to fitness, nutritional and lifestyle needs we are able to create programs that not only are interactive but effective. Offering seminars, virtual training, group bootcamps, personal training, nutritional/supplemental support and medical screenings we give your wellness program a complete system that is fun to follow and track. Schedule your Corporate Consultation today!


sport specific training dallas


We are pleased to offer sport specific training programs to youth athletes in Highland Park, Trinity Groves, and other surrounding Dallas areas. Our sport specific programs hone in on individual movements in order to increase your young athlete’s capabilities and performance. Our trainers, who have competed at the collegiate level, have decades of combined experience training high-level athletes. By working with Prevail’s trainers, your athlete will outperform and excel in their sport.